Travel Time: El Salvador

The next and final new country on our travelling was El Salvador. We started on the Ruta de Las Flores, made up of small towns, basing ourselves in the town of Juayúa. Travelling around El Salvador is not only easier, because everywhere is much closer together, but also really cheap. Upon arrival in Juayúa, we... Continue Reading →


Travel Time: Guatemala (otra vez)

After a lovely time in Mexico, we had another day of travelling to take us back to Guatemala, where we would be climbing Volcano Acatenango. We decided to break up the journey there, spending half a day and the night in Xela, where we had spent a few days during the Christmas holidays. After a... Continue Reading →

Travel Time: México

It was time to move from Guatemala into Mexico but the day was not the most successful. We had to get a bus to the border from the city next to Flores which involved waking up at 4:30 and walking quite far in the dark with our backpacks to get to the bus station. We... Continue Reading →

Travel Time: Guatemala

After an emotional few final weeks in La Unión, I started my travels with Megan, Charlotte and Giselle back in Guatemala. Our first stop was Copán, Honduras, which is very near to the border. On the Honduran buses, as usual, lots of people came on and off the bus, selling food. Once we had met... Continue Reading →


On 1st June, I went on a school trip to El Filo, about a 40 minute bus journey away, with first to fourth grade. Here is where the house of Pastor Evelio is situated, and it is very beautiful, with many plants, a pond, scenic tracks and various animals including cows and birds. We went... Continue Reading →


On 1st May, a bank holiday (Día del Trabajador), I went to visit a school family. I chatted with Alejandra (7th grade) and Jennifer (8th grade) in their garden, before talking with their Mum, in incredibly slow English at first, since their Mum is very keen to learn English. This soon turned into Spanish as... Continue Reading →

April Already?

It was really nice to go back at school after our week long holiday, as I had missed the kids, who seemed very excited to see me, and it was good to see the teachers once again. On our first day back to school, on 2nd April, after Semana Santa, I covered the classes of... Continue Reading →

Macizo March

The first day of March coincided with the first day of the 4 - day fair here in La Unión. The fair takes place every year, supposedly in celebration of a Catholic saint, although the religious background doesn't seem to be a particularly important aspect of the fair. Sellers started to arrive in the last... Continue Reading →

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